Institut für angewandte Korruption

Institute of applied corruption

IfaK is a registered non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria.

Goals and tasks

IfaK works in the field of corruption. We demand nothing less than its democratization! It is time for all people to gain access to the valuable knowledge that a few have long used for themselves.


We collect corrupt business practices.


We document the most creative shady business practices.


We educate the general public on corrupt business practices.


The core team consists of:

Roland Spitzlinger, founder and board member

Julia Draxler Julia Draxler, founder and board member

Karsten LettauKarsten Lettau, CTO

Claudia ScheineckerClaudia Novak, public relations

DuCorruption is for everyone. Be part of our advisory board or join the core team!


IfaK exists thanx to the generous support of our fans. In May 2013 we introduced our projekt at Startnext. Within 12 days, 65 people donated a total of € 2,122 and brought the idea to life. Thank you very much!

You can also set a sign against corruption. For only 42 Euros a year you become a supporting club member.

At you find further support options, including T-shirts, various sponsoring deals, or a shell company in the Carribean with your name. We also accept pro bono services.

All donations go exclusively to the charitable organization. We believe in transparency. You find our entire income and expenditure account online.

Doing good makes happy!

Join us and become an IfaK-member now




Kulturverein: Institut für angewandte Korruption
Weyringergasse 11
1040 Vienna, Austria

Association code: 196 578 339
Athority: Landespolizeidirektion Wien